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"Simple pleasures are the last refuge of the complex." Oscar Wilde
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Most of what the Friends do is focused on our desire to enjoy the Appomattox River and its tributaries from the seat of a canoe or kayak. We provide members and guests with recreational opportunities throughout the year. Some of the routes we paddle on a regular basis are the Farmville Blueway, the Appomattox River between Rts. 609 and 608, and a section of the river downstream of Farmville that takes us below the historic High Bridge.

Water Safety The upper Appomattox provides a bit of white water as canoeist paddle through an endless series of pools and riffles. There is nothing like a small set of riffles to brighten the day and get you ready for rapids ahead.

There are many opportunities for paddling along flat water such as the Sandy River Reservoir. Members and guests have enjoyed "family friendly" adventures such as moonlight paddles on our local lakes. Water Safety

Social Events Members also enjoy an active social events calendar, which includes parties and casual dinners.