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About Us

The Friends of the Appomattox River (FAR) was established in 1997 as an independent non-profit organization based in Farmville, Virginia. The mission of FAR is to preserve the natural and historical resources of the Appomattox River watershed and to develop the Appomattox watershed as a recreational resource.

We do this by promoting stewardship, education, responsible recreation and improving river access. Annually, we conduct many “awareness” activities for members of FAR and the public, including waterway clean-up events, community education activities, river and lake paddling trips, and even a bit of paddle trail maintenance.

In 1999, FAR adopted an eight mile section of the Appomattox River under the Virginia Adopt-a-Stream Program. In 2003, FAR worked with the town of Farmville, to designate a four mile section of Buffalo Creek and the Appomattox River as a Blueway under the town’s Comprehensive Open Space Master Plan. The Farmville Blueway is intended to connect the public with the natural world and increase awareness of watersheds and their importance.

The Friends of the Appomattox River conducts at least two clean-up events annually where FAR members and volunteers from the community take to canoes and pick up trash. Our "Spring River Spruce Up" is conducted as part of DCR's Stewardship Virginia program. Our "Fall River Renaissance" is sponsored by Clean Virginia Waterways. Sections of the Appomattox River, Buffalo Creek, Wilck’s Lake, Briery Creek Lake and Sandy River Reservoir are included in those clean up events. You won’t believe how much fun it is, or how much trash we collect. The highlight of the day is seeing who picked up the most unusual piece of trash.

With few exceptions, our events are open to the public. If you enjoy paddling with friends or are interested in helping clean up waterways and lakes, come join us.

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